Need a speaker for your group?

Based on the genesis of the When Aliens Take Your Friends workbook, this talk is perfect for Girl Scouts, Girls & Boys clubs or other groups of young people who need to hear that they are capable, wonderful human beings who CAN get through the hard times in life, even when it seems that things are beyond hope.

Also a great topic for adults in community-focused organizations. Educators, religious and community leaders can benefit from learning what NOT to do, as well as tapping in to some simple tools that can mean a world of difference in a kid’s journey.

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When Aliens Take Your Friends…

I developed this concept and workbook for young women in middle and high school who find themselves suddenly without the friends they had yesterday, last week or several months ago. My goal for this is to help young women stay centered and positive during a time in their lives that is too often painful, lonely and difficult: middle school and high school.

The project was the beginning of SmarttChick, Inc.  You’ll find these concepts and general themes throughout the business offerings we provide, and it all began with a simple class project.

So, what is this ‘project’?

Based on my own experience in high school, some 30+ years ago, I developed a group of intentional activities that a middle school or high school girl can easily do when things sour in her social life and she finds herself without friends, or other relationships – a very hard place to be when you’re in school!

The activites are all craft-based, with easy-to-obtain materials and supplies. They are themed to focus creative energies in a positive direction.

Feel free to download this for yourself, or to assemble with a bunch of supplies and give to someone who could use a smile.

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