Good intentions

We’ve all heard the saying, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,…”

New Book Cover

My intention was to have this book out before Thanksgiving and be well on my way with the next one (working title, “Finding Your Way: holiday shopping without credit cards”) but alas; I got sidetracked. Not all of the sidetracking is bad, necessarily. I took on the role of Editor for a non-profit blog at CSL Pittsburgh South and that’s been a lot of fun and I was still writing, so – it’s all Good!

The 2nd Finding Your Way eBook: Finding Your Way: from high school to college is here, and priced very affordably at $1.99

It’s a short book – < 10,000 words because it’s important information that high school kids and their busy parents need to access easily, and effortlessly. I was thrilled to wake up this morning and see that I got some ‘help’ from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. They published a report today on the high rate of student loan debt in Pennsylvania in their article, 2012 grads have highest-ever student debt. By ‘help’ I mean keeping the issue of the high cost of college in the news and on peoples’ minds.

There’s still too much fantasy in play with high school students when thinking about college. Whether it is fantasy about what it takes to become a physician, or how many jobs there are in Nebraska for Marine Biologists, or how much money they will make in their chosen profession, or if they have the academic ability to make it through the major program of study they want to pursue. I’m all for encouraging kids to dream big, but in today’s market as the cost of a college education goes through the ROOF, it’s time for some straight talk before the first promissory note is signed.

This book provides a step by step guide to taking those college fantasies and documenting how realistic it is to pursue them – BEFORE you mortgage your future for a degree that will return very little to you in terms of quality of life.

If you know someone in high school who wants to go to college, but doesn’t have a trust fund in place to finance that dream, grab some of the change under your couch cushions and under your car seat and buy them this book. At the very least, they’ll be able to make their college decisions with their eyes wide open. They may even thank you someday.