It’s Friday and many of us feel like Snoopy doing his famous happy dance when we realize that there are but a few hours left between work and 2 days of freedom.

We’ve journeyed through gratitude for our work over the past month and a half, and while we’re thankful for our jobs and all they provide, we’re happy as ever to be looking the weekend in the eye!

So, whatever you have planned for your time off, enjoy it; rest up and live large! You’ve earned it!


Grateful for my job

Day #40: I’m grateful for this job

There are no perfect jobs.

“A very true statement,” you may be muttering under your breath.

Realizing this is helpful as we evaluate where we are in terms of our job, and how wonderful or perfectly awful it is overall.

At the end of the figurative day, we must be able to balance the good and the bad in any position of employment, and know that in any others there will also be a balance. Some jobs and workplaces tilt toward the not-so-great, with sociopath managers and unrealistic expectations for low pay while others may have super-lenient, positive and supportive managers who are really “there for you” and terrific pay and benefits. Most places have a dose of each, with a lot of the “in-betweens”, which are generally a combination of the 2 extremes in some form or another.

To make the most of any workplace, you need to know yourself, and understand how you fit into the culture and workflow of the organization. Then you need to remind yourself that no place is perfect, and every place has stress. In addition, while there are surely people who send you home some days with a headache, sometimes you’re someone’s headache, too.

This means we need to learn and practice forgiveness and release. If you’re working in a particularly stressful place, you might need to do this daily: as you leave the premises, take a deep breath in and as you walk toward your car or other transportation, breath out the stress and tension of the day. Next, forgive yourself for anything you did that was less than super; and then forgive all the people who irritated, disrespected, and annoyed you. Lastly, give thanks for the folks who made your day a little easier… Then get in your car (or on the bus) and leave work at work.

Be grateful for the pay and benefits; for the new things you learned and for the people who helped you along the way. Oh, and some of those aggravating folks were your greatest teachers…the sooner you learn the lessons they offer, the faster they go away 🙂

Today I’m grateful for my current job, and all the other jobs I have had along the way.

The Busy Day

Day #39: I’m grateful for a reasonably busy day

We’ve all had days when the clock barely moved and we swore time stood still. We’ve all also had days where we were so crazy that quitting time came and we had never stopped for lunch, a bathroom break or to catch up on the latest office scoop.

Both extremes are miserable, but tolerable in small doses. No one minds the occasional crazy day or slow day if the rest of them even the work week out.

Today was a good day, balanced with the right mix of conference calls, spreadsheets and research. A day where at the end of it I can say, “now that was a good day’s work!”

It’s also a sign of a relatively healthy organization, whereas crazy-all-the-time or not-enough-work symbolize problems at either end of a bad spectrum.

Today I’m thankful for being able to put in an honest day’s work.


The Sweet Life

Day #38: I’m grateful for the occasional donut run

Last week when I was on-site for the week, a kind soul stopped by a local bakery and picked up 2 boxes of very tasty donuts. I don’t eat donuts, usually and I rarely go out of my way to get one, but…that’s not because I don’t like ’em!

I love donuts, but let’s face it – they’re not health food! However, the occasional donut won’t kill anyone. Our office was being reorganized and this lady was older, and was clearly taking care of “her crew”.

She generously shared this love offering with me, and I was touched by the outreach (she wouldn’t have had to come out of her cube to offer me the option of a morning donut).

Simple acts of kindness, this one in the shape of a glazed donut, make me grateful for the people in this company.

I wish you all the sweetness of a morning donut run, in whatever shape it may take.


Slow Mondays

Day #37: I’m thankful for slow Mondays.

Some Mondays loom so large over our heads that the knot in our stomach begins to form late Saturday evening. Even quasi-busy Mondays can begin to encroach on our off-time with that Sunday Dread that I wrote about last year.

Mondays that are non-scheduled up until 10am, however; are beautiful. Some of this in my job is an artifact of the time zone lag (another benefit). Otherwise, it does seem that people try not to pile on first thing Monday morning at this employer, and that’s a very nice thing.

Tonight, I’m grateful that tomorrow morning can begin peacefully, and slowly – me, my cats and some coffee til 10am,…then the ‘fun’ begins!



Day #36: I’m grateful for high quality bath tissue

In a previous life, I worked in a building where the restroom supplies varied by floor. My floor was dominated by men, while the 5th floor (below) had more women. Due to what I can only attribute to the nature of the female gender which seems to lean toward more creature comforts as they relate to the necessities of life, I knew where to go when the need for more genteel supplies arose.

Fast-forward a number of years to today when once again, I felt the need for some creature comfort and which highlights yet another point of gratitude for my employer: they don’t skimp on the quality of the bath tissue. Before you put up your hands in the shape of a ‘T’ for T.M.I., let me explain.

I’ve been coughing and blowing my nose for weeks now, and my nose is tender. After blowing through boxes of facial tissue at home and in the office, there comes the inevitable point in time where you need to blow your nose, and have to rely on the supplies in the restroom.

With a raw nose, the hand towels were out of the question, so I did what you would have done (and probably have in previous cold/flu seasons): I went into the stall and pulled a strip of toilet tissue off the roll and folded it up to honk into like a Kleenex. I realized immediately that this was no standard, mass market work TP. This was quilted, and reasonably soft. My poor nose and I were thrilled.

This perk was further underscored when I arrived in the airport to return home and after a similar dismissal of the rough hand towel option, pulled another strip of toilet tissue and realized immediately that while I was still in Kansas (literally, at KCI), the TP was not the quilted, soft variety that my employer routinely stocks in the bathroom.


Well, they say it’s “any port in a storm” and when you have to blow your nose, you make do, so I did. But I am grateful for the kindler, gentler option available in the ladies’ rooms at work.



Day #35: gratitude is EASY at bonus time!

Let’s face it: if you ride shotgun with Atila the Hun as his captive, you may long to get away, find freedom, escape, do ANYTHING except ride side by side with this pillager,…and then he goes and tosses a bag of gold into your lap as you ride off after the latest raid.

“Great!” you think, excited at the feel of the heavy coins in the cloth sack. “There’s SO much I can do with this bump in income!”

The war whoops ring in your ears as the rest of the Huns celebrate their good fortune.

If this were a Hollywood movie, and you were a handsome/beautiful young actor, I can see the script moving in the direction of you thinking about it, pondering the number of hot baths, and clean clothes you could acquire with this new influx of money,…then in typical movie climax style, after thinking for a moment, you toss the bag of gold back to Atila, OR hand it quietly to some widow and her 6 orphans cowering along the trail as the Huns ride through. Then you slowly back away from the crowd of revelers and then turning and riding away, hair and ragged clothes blowing in the wind along with your horse’s mane and tail, to seek your own path, and your own fortunes, assumably without the need to pillage.

Well, this isn’t the Dark Ages anymore and though few will have the long-lived notoriety of Atila and crew, there are plenty of raiders around throwing bags of gold to their trusty henchmen, willing and otherwise. And most of us won’t be throwing the bag of gold back to Atila, or handing all of it over to the orphan on the road – though there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

We’ll either pay off debt that has crept up since the last coin-toss, or sock it away in savings, or spend it on something we’ve wanted or needed for some time. This is the 21st Century and most of us find ourselves in the no-man’s land between the Huns (corporate raiders) and the Hollywood script of brave or altruistic leanings.

Wherever you find yourself, and regardless of the amount and origin of the coin toss, here’s how to not only feel better about it, but to insure that more comes your way; and it doesn’t necessarily have to come from Atila’s stash, as there are avenues abound for you to receive this and more!

Circulate the “good” you have received. Be grateful, give thanks and bless it as a medium of positive energy. Find some person, place or activity that can benefit from a donation and willingly, cheerfully give some portion of that bag of gold to them. Some teachers advocate for giving 10% or a tithe, but you should give what feels right to you, and you should give to something or someone that represents what you want to see more of in the world. The feeling and intent behind your giving is more important than the % or amount.

Food banks help to stem hunger and food insecurity; if you want to see more kids go to bed or to school
with food in their tummies, give to your local food bank. Libraries support literacy, which is foundational to life success for all; if you want to support increased literacy, support your local library. Churches, synagogues, religious & spiritual centers often do much good in their communities. If you see one of these organizations doing the kind of good that you support and want to grow, give to them. And a MAJOR favorite of mine, animal shelters: if you love pets, and want to support humane treatment of cats, dogs and all other animals, give generously to your local animal shelter.

As you ponder the bag of gold tossed into your lap, be grateful for the flow of abundance in your direction. Do not save it in fear of a rainy day (saving for something wonderful is a better way to save). Do not hoard it all as a greedy glutton. Do not lord it over on others in a power play. Accept it; acknowledge your worth in receiving it. Bless it, share it, circulate it and most of all… enjoy it!

Thank you for this good in my life; thank you for the good I can “seed” for others with this (that’s your giving, or circulation of the good) and thank you for the future bags of gold coming my way!

I am grateful and I am blessed; and so it is!