Rainy Days & Mondays (Saturdays, too!)

Worth sharing again…

A Practitioner's Path

Rainy day On Saturday I awoke to the sound of a steady and serious rain falling outside. It’s May and it was Mother’s Day weekend, which means that lots of folks engage in outdoor activities. After all, we’ve had one heckuva Winter here in the Northeast, and we’re READY for warm weather, flowers, and sunshine. Often a rainy day makes people glum, and we hear descriptions of “lousy” weather, a “miserable” day and similar negative comments. As a girl who grew up in rural America and who spent Summers on my grandparents’ farm, I see rain in a different way, and I suggest that everyone can with a little shift in perspective.

Rain washes pollen out of the air and off of porch furniture, windowsills, cars, sidewalks and more. This is welcome  news for allergy sufferers, and others whose upper respiratory systems react to the insidious dust. Rain also washes dirt from…

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