Thankful for Slow (?) Mondays

Remembering when I didn’t have an early morning wake-up or commute (and missing some aspects of that time period, like the easy wake up and fuzzy slipper routine!)

Reblogged from 2013/14

I’m thankful for slow Mondays.

Some Mondays loom so large over our heads that the knot in our stomach begins to form late Saturday evening. Even quasi-busy Mondays can begin to encroach on our off-time with that Sunday Dread that I wrote about last year.

Mondays that are non-scheduled up until 10am, however; are beautiful. Some of this in my job is an artifact of the time zone lag (another benefit). Otherwise, it does seem that people try not to pile on first thing Monday morning at this employer, and that’s a very nice thing.

Tonight, I’m grateful that tomorrow morning can begin peacefully, and slowly – me, my cats and some coffee til 10am,…then the ‘fun’ begins!