A Little Luck

Most of us have, at one time or another, collected 4-leaf clovers, put a lucky troll on our keychain, or followed some superstitious ritual that seemed to bring us good fortune.

There’s no harm in most of these practices if we keep them in perspective: they’re fun but not really reliable.

The truth about the luck we find in our lives is that there are no magic incantations, secret spiritual shortcuts or magic powders that can change our lives. The good luck we are seeking lies right at our own feet.

It is activated when we get up, show up, work hard and stay committed to our dreams.

Luck is not a fickle Leprechaun, blessing some of us at times and skipping others the rest of the time. It comes to those who prepare for it by working toward their goals every moment of every day.

This easy stretch bracelet is a great reminder that Good Luck is in our hands.


  • 0.7mm Stretch Magic elastic cord
  • Green beads (I used Darice Venezia crystals)
  • A lucky charm (I used Jewelry Designer charms)


  1. Measure your wrist and add 3″
  2. Cut the elastic cord in this length
  3. Place tape or a clip on one end and string beads on about 1/2 of the length.
  4. Put a jump ring on the charm and thread onto bracelet
  5. Continue stringing beads until you have a balanced (about the same on either side of the charm) amount of beads on the elastic.
  6. Tie a square knot between the first and last beads (right over left, then left over right)
  7. Pull tightly & trim ends
  8. Pull bracelet into your wrist
  9. Get out there and make your own good luck!

Whether we seek good fortune in our careers, relationships or money; the pot of gold lies at the end of our own willingness to do something every day that takes us closer to our goal.


(C) 2017 SmarttChick

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