One of my passions is helping people figure things out using simple tools.

For more than a decade, I have been teaching in colleges and universities where I have found a lot of success in taking complex concepts and breaking them down into easy-to-understand points of information and simple-to-implement tasks. This success happened in the classroom and in the advising office where the same process I used to teach technology or health care worked to help students untangle complicated life questions, as it related to their academic careers.

For a long time I took this talent for granted. In fact, I wasted a lot of time focusing on the things I was NOT very good at, and each year that list seemed to grow. One day, after being particularly hard on myself and thinking that I had succeeded only in messing up most of my adult life, I had a revelation and knew at that moment that I might not be good at any number of things,… but I recognized that there were a handful of things that I do very well. From that point on I stopped obsessing about the things I was not, and began to put all my attention and energy into those areas in my life that were working.

As a student of life, and many wise/ancient teachings, I have come to realize that I’m not particularly unique in my struggles and that while there are a lot of options out there for the “quick fix” in any area where people find themselves lacking, many of them are big on promises but not so generous in the results.

These “quick fixes” show up in many areas of life. Super-fast & overpriced online college degrees that fail to provide the requisite skills, knowledge or experience you were hoping to attain; expensive monthly subscription services that promise to transform you into the next Wealth or Coaching guru; pricey baubles and gadgets that promise to transform your life if you only carry them around, and upgrade them regularly, of course at the new price point.

The challenge in this sea of fixes is that there is a thread of truth and integrity that runs through all of the core messages in these offerings. Unfortunately, that truth often gets lost in the shuffle and the payment plans.

A college degree can be a worthy investment that pays for itself time and again, but not EVERY college degree makes the grade as a worthy investment: some actually leave you worse off than if you had never taken a single class!

Subscription services and coaching are not inherently bad, but too many of them promise MASSIVE RESULTS in large letters and then either fail to mention, or mention in very small font, that success comes from getting up every day, and putting basic principles into action consistently – AND that 99.9% of the time, your success is not going to look like moving from your paycheck-to-paycheck life into a $4 million dream home in a year or less.

As for baubles and gadgets, I have a number of these in my house right now and like the other 2 examples, there’s nothing wrong with buying or having these around,…as long as you understand that they have no magical power: you still have to get up, show up and put up to see any real change in your life.

My work is dedicated to all of us who keep getting up, moving forward and reaching for more in our lives. Here’s to our success!

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